Deck Plans

Spelljammer was released by TSR in 1989 and, while it didn't have the commerecial success I think the company hoped, it grabbed the minds of many from my tabletop generation, combining D&D and space, opening up worlds and adventures my young brain couldn't have imagined on his own. I hope these colorized versions will evoke the same feeling TSR's old black and white versions of the deck plans did for me at nine years old. The colors are loosely based on the ship art released in later boxed sets and is meant as an homage to an early 90s tabletop aesthetic.

29 Colorized Deck Plans (25.7MB ZIP, v1.0)
29 B&W Original Deck Plans (2.77MB ZIP)
12 Blank Colorized Deck Plans (2.77MB ZIP, v1.0)
Source: TSR Boxed sets (mostly), but colorized by Andrew Simone (me), Blank Deckplans from

Classic Deck Plans

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Blank Deck Plans