Rock of Bral

It is said the Rock of Bral was one of the asteroids making up the Tears of Sel√Ľne, orbiting Toril behind it's moon, a city build upon the rememnants of a human pirate empire and before that countless, more alien, civilizations. This heritage is reflected in the meltingpot Bral now is with races from Mind Flayers to humans inhabiting the city in (relative) peace.

Above is the official topside map with completely recolored with relabeled streets. Below is a cleaned-up version of the official numbered full map, and two prettified versions of an old homebrew map of the top side and lower side of Bral.

File: 4 Maps of Bral (9.3 MB ZIP)
Sources: TSR's Spelljammer: AD&D Adventures in Space and Duane VanderPol, but recolorized by Andrew Simone (me)


Wildspace, the final frontier, a place so enourmous it defies even the most detailed of maps. This may not match, to the letter, Spelljammer canon, but who can say how its has evolved since the earliest days of space travel?

File: 2 Maps of Wildspace (3.36 MB ZIP)
Sources: Boozehound Blue posted the above map, but it appears to be based off Nerik's work.

Crystal Spheres

Thirteen Crystal Sphere maps that match some of the locations in the Wildspace map above.

File: 13 Crystal Sphere Maps (13.1 MB ZIP)
Sources: Vtsimz02