Ship Maps

The Spelljammer

The three maps available are cleaned up and restyled versions of the orginal TSR hands-outs I put together, one provided technical specs like a ship card, the other provides detailed map of the buildings, the last shows the lower gardens and additional buildings.

File: 3 Full Maps (20.2MB ZIP)
Source: TSR Boxed Set - Spelljammer: AD&D Adventures in Space (1989) and The Legend of Spelljammer (1991)

Spelljammer Ship MegaPack

Probably the best find I have on this whole site, 58 different spelljammer ship maps in high resolution. I'd probably tweak the colors of some of the decks, but this is a must have for VTT play.

58 Spelljammer Ship maps: Part 1 (64.2MB ZIP), Part 2 (53.6MB ZIP)
Top Decks (13.6MB ZIP)
Source: Vtsimz02

Wrecked Neogi Deathspider

Generally a Deathspider means Neogi which means STAY AWAY, but this is a wrecked vessel so it's definitely, probably, hopefully kind of safe, maybe, right?!?

File: Full map (2MB ZIP)
Source: Bogie

Illithid Nautiloid #1

The Nautiloid is the standard ship of the various illithid nations. The coiled shell provides the comfort of enclosed spaces while protecting mind flayers from the irritating rays of the sun while they ferry their cargo, almost always slaves, and conduct their experiments (also, almost always on slaves).

File: Full map (17MB JPG)
Source: thebruceuk

Illithid Nautiloid #2

Limithron's version of the Nautiloid is inspired by the fantastic Baldur's Gate 3 cinematic. Provided below are the free versions of the map, but there are additional options, including a Foundry VTT map with support for Multilevel tokens and Parallaxia modules, available at their Patreon.

File: Two Map Styles (6.37 MB ZIP)
Source: Limithron

Matt Milby's Hand-drawn Ship Maps

Some nicely hand-drawn ships by Matt Milby. He aptly calls the Dragonfly “the mid-priced Toyota of fantasy spacecraft”. Included in the map pack below are also few tokens you can use that match two of the ships. He is regularly releasing new maps you can find on his website and patreon.

File: Map Pack (6.8 MB ZIP)
Source: Milby's Maps


A ship made by groundlings for groundlings. The Galleon is typically a craft used during the initial discovery of space travel (slap a helm in just about anything and it'll fly). There are gunships, sure, but most of the Galleons you'll find in space are glorified cargo carriers—certainly nothing a veteran of Wildspace needs to worry about. The only real advantanage I can see is a whole lot of room for people and supplies on the cheap.

File: Full map (16MB JPG)
Source: Zovya RPG

Elvish Man-O-War

The idea behind this map concept is that Elvish ships are grown, so the beds are instead giant leaf hammocks. There is also an alternative version of a corrupted ship powered by undead, perhaps, a Baelnorn?

File: Full map with alternative version (2MB ZIP)
Source: Michael Tumey

Lamprey Ship

A ship for sea and sky and used primarily by humans. Note the helm below deck, but the wheel on the main deck. This design is unsual, using two ballistas, but appears to be a modified war boat.

File: Full map (1MB JPG)
Source: Bogie

Vodini Huntship

A huntship, designed and built for the Vodoni by the enslaved Zalani race, appears as a huge, red-winged wolf with open jaws to rip, tear, and grab a hull when ramming. You want to give these ships a wide berth unless you are looking for a fight.

File: Upper and Lower Deck (1.76MB ZIP)
Source: Bogie

Gnollian Scarab Carapace

A custom, non-cannon Spelljammer ship to replace some of the stranger Egyptian tomb-type ships you can find in Spelljammer lore.

File: 4 Deck options (1MB ZIP)
Source: Michael Tumey

Githyanki Void Cruiser

Void cruisers are built to take full advantage of the plane-gravity physics of wildspace, and are equipped with dual decks, rigging, and deck weapons. This increases both firepower and maneuverability, but it also denies the crew planetfall. Most races, because of the difficulty coordinating central commands to both decks, usually avoid dual-decked ships.

File: All Decks (15.1MB ZIP)
Source: TheShadyMerchant